Long live the Blog

I was introduced to the Syrian blogsphere right before my last trip home in June 2009. This was my first visit in almost 9 years, so I did some online research about Syria and Damascus in particular. Only then did I stumble upon a mountain of Syrian bloggers and their pages. To be honest with you, I had no clue this society ever existed. I felt so left behind since I've been online for over 15 years, and blamed myself for not digging into the Syrian presence in this expanding phenomenon. My online experience with Syrian elements was limited to exchanging emails with my brother and a few friends, and reading a couple of news websites.

A great number of these bloggers talked about politics, which happens to be my least favorite subject. However, others tackled many other issues and subjects and are very good at it. I felt like a kid in a candy store, and started indulging myself. My writing fever started to surface. I haven't written anything since my last college experience 6 years ago. The two classes I rememeber that involved writing were my English and Career Development classes. I enjoyed these classes because of the writing involved, but soon after I got busy with life, work, and the daily struggles. A hunger inside me suddenly surfaced, and this blog came to life. I didn't intend to talk about any specific issues or subjects. I just wanted to express random thoughts about my life and my recent visit to Syria in my own primitive way. I found this new form of public diary and self indulgence to be fascinating and addictive. One gets the feeling he's speaking to a large audience without the jitters and anxiety the very presence of this audience creates.

I do realize that I'm not more than a wanna be writer at best, but this urge to share and keep updating my blog has taken over and became a daily ritual. All my furstration that builds up throughout the day seems to evaportae while practicing my blogging routine.

Long live the Blog.


Abufares said...

One of the nicest things about commenting on the blogs of others is giving them the chance to find ours.
I'm so glad to have discovered yours and I truly enjoyed what I read so far. In case you still haven't listed your blog on Syplanet, please do so. That's the best way to keep your new blogging friends updated about your new posts.
I'll be back!

IronMask said...

مابعرف يمكن لما بتشوف الاشياء من برا بتكون إلها شكل غير من لما بتشوفها من جوا

يعني انا صارلي سنين بدون بس ولا مرا فكرت شوف المدونين السوريين شو بيكتبو او عن شو بيحكو يمكن لأني عايش هون بالشام
أو يمكن لأنو المدونين هم صورة لمجتمع انا عمعيشو كل يوم وكل لحظة ومافي داعي اعرف عنو اكتر من اللي عرفتو وشفتو

أنا سوري said...

I already did Abufares. Thank you very much. It means alot to get a compliment from a master blogger like you. You're always welcome to visit and comment.

Mariyah said...

I'm very glad to have found your blog, too! It is an amazing community. I joined only a year ago and I can't believe what wonders it has brought to my life: new friends, a sense of community, and a voice that would otherwise stay hidden in a handwritten diary. Its wonderful that you opened your voice to us and I look forward to reading more.

Unknown said...

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