She was my guiding light... my knight in shining armor... my greatest inspiration...the greatest love I'll ever have. She brought me and my brother and sister up all alone after my dad passed away when we were still in our awkward years. She did it all with the minimal retirement salary of my dad, barely enough for one person and never asked anyone for anything. She taught me how to be strong and how to keep going when all the odds are stacked against you. She loved us endlessly without expecting anything in return. She always cried when I called her and told me how much she missed me. I called her two nights ago, and she could barely speak, I could barely hear her voice over the noise of her oxygen tank. She didn't want to hang up, but instead, she struggled to talk and hear my voice.
Last night, she passed away.
I'll be home soon to visit your grave. Please forgive me for not making it home sooner.
I love you mom. Rest in Peace.


Abufares said...

Oh... My dear, dear friend.
May she rest in peace.

There's very little else to say, nothing of meaning to add to the ultimate truth of death. But a mother is like nobody else. I have drawn a line in my own life dividing it in two: With mom and Without her. You will never forget her, not for a passing day.

Be strong my friend, we are all travelers down the same road.

أنا سوري said...

My awsome friend I knew you'd be the first to comment. You're absolutely right. I will NEVER forget her or forget the fact that she wanted to see me and I couldn't or wouldn't make time. I thank you for your kindness and friendship. Please send me an email or something if you're ever in Damascus between the 17 till the beginning of next month. I'd come to see you in Tartous if I had time, but I'm sure you understand.

Isobel said...

I'm so saddened to hear about your mother. I was away from my mother, too, when she died, and it is something you carry with you, I know. But she also knew how much loved her, I'm sure. She sounded like a wonderfully strong, giving, and loving person. May she rest in peace and may you be at peace in the light of her memory. Take care.

Mariyah said...

May she rest in peace, dear Ana Sourie. My condolences to you and your family.

أنا سوري said...

Isobel & Mariyah,
Thank you very much for your condolences. I'm home again, but it sure doesn't feel the same. I hope all is well at your ends.

Anonymous said...

مرحبا اخي انا رواد

اولا كل شي ممكن الواحد يحسن يواسي حدا فيه الا فقدان اعز شي وهي الام والدنيا ام

انا اسوء مخلوق في مواساه الاخرين

عن جد انفطر قلبي على هيك خبريه حزينه
انشالله خاتمة الاحزان
والله يرحما
انا كنت سئ مع امي
مو سئ بمعنى عاق او شي
لكن تعبتا معي كتير لاني كنت بعتقد ان امي عطيتنا كل اهتمامها ورعياتها بعد وفاة البابا واحنا صغار وكنت انا مدلل كتير
فا كان عندي مشاعر من الحب والتقدير مختلطه بمشاعر العتاب لاني بعد هيك مقدرت اعتمد على حالي
انا غلطان بعرف لانو لولا امي كنا هلق بالشارع

ما بعرف ليش عم قلك شي شخصي
بيجوز لانك ما بتعرفني

بتمناانك تقدر تتجاوز هالمحنه
والله يرحم الست الوالده


أنا سوري said...

رواد شكرا إلاك. هي الدنيا ومتل ما قال أبو فارس كلنا ماشيين على هالطريق. الله يرحمنا جميع

Juxtaposer said...

الله يرحمها
واضح من كتابتك إنو ما كانت ست عظيمة, و دليل أكبر على عظمتها إستمرارها من خلالك

أنا سوري said...

Juxtaposer, Thank you very much. Allah yerhamna kilna.