Going Home

My brother picked me up at the airport. The streets looked the same except for a few new tunnels and overpasses. The same old stinky smell of manure greeted me at the end of the airport highway. Farmers break sewer lines to irrigate their land and the smell stretches for miles. The car raced through the winding streets of the old city. Ahhhhh..... I'm finally home.

We reached our neighborhood around midnight. The street looked dark and deserted except for the scores of smalls cars parked everywhere. I raced up the stairs to see mom and whoever would be there waiting for me. Mom was asleep on the sofa when I walked in. She openned her eyes and immediately started crying. I looked at her face and barely recognized her. I haven't been home for almost 9 years after all. Mom looked very frail and old with white hair, white eye brows, and wrinkles everywhere. I held back my tears at her sight. She's been a widow for over 27 years and raised us all alone without much help or resources. Now, she can barely walk alone to the bathroom without help. I was always a rebel growing up, and we argued over much, but I always loved her dearly.

I woke up the following morning to the sounds of car horns on our busy street. Walked out of my room to wash and brush my teeth. Mom was in the living room with two other women. I recognized the older one as our second floor neighbor. We've been neighbors for over thirty years. The young lady sitting next to her had a beautiful innocent face and a graceful skinny figure. Her black eyes radiated over a beautiful creamy complexion and perfect features. " She must be our neighbor's youngest daughter, the cream of the crop" I thought to myself. I exchanged greetings with my neighbor and the young lady looked at me then shyed away and stared at the floor. There is no aphrodisiac like innocence. My heart started beating fast, but I dismissed all thoughts after thinking of what age difference there is between the two of us. Mom told me after they left that our neighbor wanted me to see her daughter hoping I would propose. I laughed at the idea and mom had nothing further to say.

To be continued.....

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