Too Much

So we got hit with 3 feet of snow. Do you know what 3 feet mean? If a man's average height is less than 6 feet, then most of us will be submerged to our belly buttons or higher in that snow. Last few days, my feet are always cold, heart is barely ticking, and my car is slipping and sliding all over the road. I haven't seen the sidewalk in 4 days. Noone here dares to walk outside. Schools, government, Congress, airports, and some shops are still closed. I ventured out Saturday, the first day of the storm. Other than two other vehicles whose drivers were as crazy as I was, and a few snow plows, the streets were all clear. Layers upon layers of that thick white powder covered everything, streets, sidewalks, cars, houses, trees. All colors blened into black or white. It was like the earth was hit with a snow nuclear bomb, and only a few of us survived. Three or more lane highways and roads turned into a one lane alley narrower than the alleys of old Damascus. As if this all wasn't enough, it started snowing again tonight. We're expecting another foot of snow.

Last month I wrote a piece about snow and how wonderful and fun it can be. Here I am again getting tired of it. My theory always was that cold weather is easier to go through than hot simmering weather. You can always bundle up and dress warm for the cold weather. The heat can be unbearable when you have to venture out no matter how light you're dressed. This definitely is a different kind of cold. Blustery cold winds, freezing moisture, and confinement are ingredients of a lowsy atmosphere. Simply put, too much of a good thing, way too much.

I took some pictures while driving today. Enjoy.

I went out again this morning after the second storm hit us and took the pictures below.


Unknown said...

Good grief, this reminds me of our winter two years ago. We had, over the course of the entire winter, 4.11 metres of snow. I had a ski hill in my yard...it became an olympic sport throwing the snow from the driveway to the top of the mound. My neighbours with less room to throw their snow had random avalanches back into the driveway. We lucked out this year, it's been very mild and little snow. I hope it tapers off for you soon...in the meantime, get your Sorels on and head off to the toboggan hill!! :) What else can you do? Take care!!

أنا سوري said...

It's so beautiful Sweet Isobel when it hits first, but the aftermath is so messy. Salt and black ice and blocked roads. Simply put, too much. Can't wait for the Spring.

Abufares said...

My friend
I'm sorry I haven't been here for a while. Syplanet has not been working properly for over a month. Besides, blogspot is blocked in Syria you know, and I have to visit yours through one of them Proxy Fuckers they have forced us to use ;-)
Enjoy it and trust me... it's still better than HOT.
We've had a very mild winter here. Ridiculously mild in fact. Temperature in Tartous yesterday 22C. In Damascus 27C.

أنا سوري said...

I've heard Abu Fares. I thought my site was not blocked though. I have a domain name, www.anasourie.com . We all get busy, I have too. It's crazy here trying to make up for days we closed because of the snow. I'm much like you, I hate the heat. I don't mind nice springs though.